Coalition for Healthcare Workers Against Medical Mandates

Coalition for Healthcare Workers Against Medical Mandates

We are a coalition of healthcare workers opposed to the COVID 19 vaccine mandates that have been forced on us by healthcare corporations and now Gov. Mills. These mandates violate our constitutional rights and our God-given right to personal autonomy and bodily integrity. There is a growing body of evidence that these new medical products may cause harm and may not be effective. At the same time there are safe, alternative treatments available. And therefore, we should not be subjected to these mandates. Coercion is not consent. When a person’s livelihood is threatened and they are told, “Do this or else”, that’s when yesterday’s heroes will become tomorrow’s unemployed. We believe whether or not to take this experimental vaccine should be a personal choice, uncoerced and without repercussions.

We are standing up for ourselves and all Mainers who cherish their freedom. We ask Gov. Mills and corporations throughout Maine to consider the many detrimental and irreversible consequences that will result from enforcing vaccine mandates. Given that our healthcare system is already understaffed and overworked, we implore these corporations and Governor Mills to strongly consider the ramifications of such mandates. 

We want to recognize and thank our fellow colleagues for their dedication to continued patient advocacy including the right to voluntary informed consent and to the right to refuse.

To the people of Maine, we were there for you when you needed our help and we are there for you now. We are asking you to stand with us.

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