black gold cast where are they now

Black Gold Cast: Where Are They Now?

The hit reality television show, Black Gold, captivated audiences with its thrilling portrayal of the high-stakes world of oil drilling. The show, which aired from 2008 to 2013, followed the lives of roughneck crews as they worked tirelessly in search of “black gold” – oil. As the years have passed since the show’s conclusion, fans have often wondered what became of their favorite cast members. Let’s take a closer look at where the Black Gold cast is now.

1. Oil Rig Manager – Brandon Watson:Brandon Watson, the tough and no-nonsense oil rig manager, has continued his successful career in the oil industry. He currently holds a prominent position in a major drilling company and is regarded as an expert in the field.

2. Toolpusher – Mike Lamy:Mike Lamy, the experienced toolpusher who always kept the crew in line, has retired from the oil industry. After years of hard work, he now enjoys a well-deserved peaceful life with his family.

3. Roughneck – Cage Lankford:Cage Lankford, one of the most memorable roughnecks on the show, has left the oil industry behind. He has since pursued a career in entrepreneurship and has found success in the business world.

4. Driller – Vern Adcox:Vern Adcox, the skilled driller who always kept his crew safe, has taken on a senior position at a drilling company. He continues to share his vast knowledge and expertise with new generations of oil workers.

5. Roughneck – J.D. Lankford:J.D. Lankford, Cage’s brother, has also moved on from the oil industry. He now works as a motivational speaker, inspiring others with his tales of perseverance and determination.

6. Company Man – Bryan Hopkins:Bryan Hopkins, the company man who oversaw the operations on the rigs, has gone on to become a well-respected figure in the oil industry. He holds a leadership position in a major drilling company and remains dedicated to his work.

7. Roughneck – Wes Risenhoover:Wes Risenhoover, the hardworking roughneck known for his strong work ethic, has transitioned into a career in the construction industry. He now owns his own successful construction company.

8. Roughneck – John “Johnny” “Jay” Risenhoover:Johnny Risenhoover, Wes’s brother, has also left the oil industry. He now works in the automotive sector, where he has found success as a sales representative.

9. Roughneck – Cody Lankford:Cody Lankford, yet another member of the Lankford brothers, has moved on from the oil industry. He has transitioned into a career as a firefighter, dedicating his life to serving and protecting his community.

10. Roughneck – Jerry Campbell:Jerry Campbell, a dedicated roughneck known for his determination, has retired from the oil industry. He now enjoys spending time with his family and pursuing his hobbies.

Although the Black Gold cast has moved on from the world of oil drilling, their impact on the industry and the show’s fans will never be forgotten. These individuals have proven that hard work, dedication, and perseverance can lead to success in any field. As we remember the thrilling moments from the show, we can take inspiration from the cast members’ stories of growth and transformation.

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