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Support Spotlight

Coalition for Healthcare Workers Against Medical Mandates

The Coalition advocates for healthcare workers facing termination from their work because of mandates. If you are dealing with mandates at your workplace visit the Coalition’s page for resources and action items.

About Mainers for Freedom

Mainers for Freedom is a grassroots effort initiated by two people who are passionate about maintaining freedom and protecting bodily autonomy in Maine and the rest of our Country.

This website was built to connect like-minded Mainers and give them the resources to make life in Maine the way it should be.

We work in partnership with leading state advocacy groups and liberty minded legislators to give you accurate information for effective engagement.

Isaiah Gillis & Emily Nixon, founders of Mainers for Freedom.

Our Mission

To seamlessly provide Mainers with all the resources required to be a free human being. In one place, we offer you a list of farmers, co-ops, local businesses, health and wellness practitioners, homeschooling organizations, trading posts, craftspeople, water sources, and more. Away from the restrictions and limitations we have been subjected to, this is a place to find, love, and support your neighbors as they support you.

Our Vision

“Love thy neighbor as thyself”.
Mainers for Freedom is a service to the free people of Maine. In order to be a fully flourishing, free human being one must have a robust community of support. We are committed to bringing you resources from the basic needs of food and water to spiritual and emotional support. We work hard to provide you with user-friendly lists of locally aligned businesses and persons eager to call you a friend and neighbor. Our vision is one of ever expanding growth and we are committed to responding to the needs of the people. As this world changes, so too must we adapt.

Join thousands of other Mainers for Freedom

If flipping House and Senate seats is in your wheelhouse or an area you would like to be more involved in, we have the resources you are looking for. 

If you have a private business, farm, or other skill or service to offer, we have a user-friendly platform for you to share them.

It takes all kinds and a multi-angled approach to preserve our freedoms. All are essential and we are committed to providing a service that supports free human beings.

Join us to receive the most up to date, accurate information and resources available as we work together to keep Maine free.